Who we are

Acquisition is everything we do.

8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) dedicated to increasing the value of businesses that it acquires.

We are currently in the process of listing the company on NASDAQ. Working with our team of advisors, bankers, lawyers and accountants, our IPO is expected to take place in 2019.

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8i Investment Criteria

We invest in companies that already have a footprint in Asia, and have the potential to scale their business across multiple countries. Candidates include companies that can take advantage of our access to capital and leverage on our collective experience, both in operations as well as in the deployment of technology.

We look for businesses that can take advantage of the underlying demographics and economics of Asia, especially those that can be enhanced with up and coming technology trends such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, encryption, and mobile internet. We see the rapid increase in the middle class and the high penetration of mobile internet in Asia as key drivers of consumer behavior in Asia, with impacts in the areas of travel, hospitality, healthy living, aged healthcare, aesthetics, and specialized real estate.

We place a high premium on the quality of the leadership of the businesses that we acquire, and value the management team that can demonstrate itscapabilities with a good financialtrack record and a sound, defensible growth plan. From the businesses that meet our criteria, we seek out those with an enterprise value/EBITDA multipleof between 6x-8x.